[Dollar Shave Club]'s F***ing Great Ad!!!.‎

Dollar Shave Club’s launch ad. "In its parody-toned ad, the company CEO takes us on a tour of the Dollar Shave Club warehouse. It turns out the guy in the video really is the founder and CEO of the new start-up, Michael Dubin. What’s more surprising, though, is the fact that he made the ad himself. 'The world is filled with bad commercials and people who are marketing too hard,' Dubin says. 'I think what we wanted to do is not take ourselves too seriously, and deliver an irreverent smart tone.'" And Dollar Shave Club has raised more than $1 million in a Series A led by Kleiner and Forerunner Ventures! http://techcrunch.com/2012/03/06/dollar-shave-club/

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