You’re 1 Step Away From A Better Butt

You’re probably already climbing a few flights of stairs each day, whether you're dragging yourself up from the subway stop, heading home to your fourth-floor walk-up, or taking trips to the downstairs office bathroom that's way cleaner than the one on your floor. So, here’s a quick tip on how to hack your climb — and make sure to maximize each step. To engage the muscles on the backs of your legs (your butt and hamstring) be sure to place your entire foot on the stair you’re climbing, and drive through your heel while standing, explains L.A.-based personal trainer Mike Donavanik, CSCS. If you want to shift the focus to your quads, jog (okay, or walk) up the flight of stairs, landing on the balls of your feet. This landing also really works your calf muscles, Donavanik explains. There you have it: It's basically Choose Your Own Adventure for stair-climbing. And, if you’re up for the challenge, add a few extra flights to your day. Why not? Proper hydration leads to plenty of bathroom trips anyway.

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