Bio Inc. -Biomedical Plague on Android Review

"Who said I'm here to cure you?" Bio Inc. is a biomedical strategy simulator game in which your objective is to develop illnesses to your victim and kill him. You can upgrade diseases, boost risk factors, and slow down the victim's recovery. It has 12 stages with 3 difficulty settings. Powered by DryGin Studios, you can download this app for free on Google Playstore (with in-app purchases) Pros: - Unique game idea (I know its kinda like Plague Inc. but whatever. lol) - Awesome trailer. Like hell yeah! - Hours of entertainment - 100+ realistic biomedical conditions - Cool graphics - Simple controls - Challenging levels Cons: - You need to use real money to speed things up. Well, typical con. Overall Verdict: 4.5/5. Try this one. It's crazy how badly I want the victim to die just to win the game. Hahaha. I don't have any technical issues on the app so it kept me entertained for hours. If you love a simple click and strategy game, then this one is for you. :) Over and out!

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