How To: Remove Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape

Most people think that removing grip tape is a difficult task, and some believe it can take about an hour to do. The truth is, grip tape can be removed in less than 5 minutes. Tools you need: 1. Razor blade 2. Blow/hair dryer. Steps for removing skateboard/longboard grip tape on a deck: 1. With a hair drier warm up an area roughly 10 inches (25 cm) along the edge or rail of the deck. This will loosen the adhesive bond between the deck and the grip tape. 2. Use a razor blade to lift up the edge of the grip tape off of the deck. What this does is keep the grip tape from snagging and tearing as you peal it off. You only need to go in about an inch along the rail. 3. After lifting up the grip tape around the edge warm up the entire sheet of grip tape for about 1-2 minutes. 4. Grab one end of the grip tape at the nose or tail of the deck and start to slowly peel it off. Make sure the grip tape does not start to separate. What can happen is the film layer of the grip tape can get stuck on the deck while the top grit layer peals off. Watch for this separation and snagging and/or tearing caused by the truck mounting holes. 5. Using a razor blade scrape away tiny pieces of grip tape left behind, and any small raised pieces of wood from the deck. This will help you to cut a new sheet of grip tape that is applied afterwards. 6. Any of the clear/whitish adhesive left on the deck can easily be gripped over. It will not effect the feel or adhesion from a new piece of grip tape.

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