New Horror Anthology from Ryan Murphy

After the success of Glee and now American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy will be taking his successes and combining them for a new comedic horror anthology called Scream Queens. Fox has picked up an initial 15 episodes of the new hour long dramedy, and Murphy and his co-creators are hoping the show will be picked up for further seasons. One thing American Horror Story has been famous for is their use of strong leading ladies and Scream Queens aims to do the same with two female leads and an ensemble cast of ten or more. The plot thus far centers around the creepy and mysterious circumstances surrounding a murder on a college campus, and our two leads will be college students. Critics are naturally a little skeptical of yet another horror anthology from Murphy, especially with such a campy premise as Scream Queens. Cinema Blend’s Jessica Rawden went so far as to ask if Murphy was just out of ideas. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Glee (though I love the music), and mixed but mostly positive reviews of American Horror Story, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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