A Bit of Football Humour

Banter is something I must admit, I've taken quite a liking to. I don't like the more semi-serious, "my teams better than yours" stuff, because that's usually an argument, but the lighthearted poking fun of teams or moments can be hilarious. For example, the suggestions of "Things More Useful Than Balotelli" tag on Twitter after missing an open goal from 8 yards away and putting it skyward into the heavens of all places, caused quite a lot of laughter if I do say so myself. Then there's the entire Twitter dedicated to Raheem Stirling and his tired status. For those that missed it, Raheem Stirling asked England manager Roy Hodgson to not start the game against Estonia last week because he was tired. The account was quickly made and very funny content soon posted, like the one attached. Then there's West Bromwich Albion's official account, which made a joke about how poor Man Utd midfielder Fellaini. They made the joke at half-time when Fellaini came on, who then proceeded to score 3-4 minutes later to create a hilarious moment. Then there's the fact that West Ham fans, including myself, are having a go at the fact that last season, midfielder Mo Diame stated that he still wanted to improve and join a top 6 Premier League side. He then joined Hull City in the summer window. Hull City are currently 11th, West Ham 4th. Lastly, there's Roberto Soldado's inability to take penalties. Soldado was already a constant centre point for banter when he struggled to score much from open play. His miss at Man City this past weekend just another amusing highlight.

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