Baton Rouge UrbEx 1

My job takes me all over and sometimes I go through certain areas several times throughout the year. On several trips on I10 east I crossover the Mighty Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, LA, and to the right I see UZIT in orange, white, and black on the side of what looks like a old river front warehouse that was used to load and unload barges. You can see it very clearly from the bridge and every time I passed this I thought to myself, "I would love to grap a shot of that". Well today I got my chance, me and Google maps found our way there and to my surprise the ramp was removed and there was a locked gate that stood in front of me and my shot of UZIT. After pumping myself up I went ahead and broke the law, I climbed up the concrete base with the help of a well placed log and squeezed through the already bent gate. I was hell bent on getting the shot of UZIT and getting out of there, but while walking across a rusted out steel plate walkway that looked and felt like it could give way anytime, I noticed a lot of artwork on the side walls of the walkway. Once off the walkway I'm greeted by this chalking of the word MUNCHiES, and turning to the left I see this explosion of colors on the inside walls of this building. Born and raised in L.A. California , living in Atlanta, Georgia Photographer-Techie-Sci-Fy and Action Junkie-Music Lover-Movie Buff
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