Understanding Football: Lesson 1 - Picking A Club

For those not inclined with the sport of football, here's a wonderful guide to help you understand what is actually going on. This lesson will cover picking a club. Begin with Step 1 of the YouTube video. Picking a Club If you want to get interested in the MLS & you live near a club, then it's game, set, & match, you have a team. You will also want to pick a European club as they generally play more and will not clash with your US/Canadian club. If not it's easy to pick a European club. Just look at some of their history & style. For example, Everton's had a slight American flair the past decade and has been a decent squad. They also are the more original winning club from Liverpool. Liverpool has a sense of nostalgia and pride that are hardly match, including 19 league titles but haven't won the league in over 2 decades. If you are a glory hunter & only care about winning, Manchester United might be for you. West Ham are the working man's club from London known for their attacking flair and their history as being captained by England's only World Cup winning captain, Sir Bobby Moore. Other hard working clubs include Stoke City (from Stoke-on-Trent), Newcastle United (from Newcastle-upon-Tyre), Sunderland (from Sunderland), & Crystal Palace (from London). If you want a more Welsh flavour, there's Swansea City (from Swansea). If you like the German clubs and still want that hard-working attitude, I recommend Schlake 04, Borussia Monchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund, & Bayern Laverkusen. The key thing is to go about and do a little research into the club's history to see what you like, then support that club. ONCE YOU PICK A CLUB HOWEVER, YOU ARE LOCKED INTO THAT CLUB PERMANENTLY. Now that you have a team, you can go about to support them in all their endeavors & watch their games with an invested interest. Football is nothing without this. Also, you could go about learning the club chants and songs that will help give you that emotional & personal attachment to them. At a later time, in Lesson 2, we will cover how to watch the game itself.

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