Hi everyone :) This is a live recap for NICE GUY Have a great thanksgiving day with your family.hehehe♥ +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 +EP5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52538 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha Then let's start. Today's story starts with when they were young. My name is MR. My name is JH. MR I know your name. you're the prettiest girl in our neighborhood. When they were the university students, they loved each other. and MR tried to stay with her. He said I never gives up your hand..JH. The place you can find easily, I always stands there. My first and the end are all yours.JH. I promise. I hope your mind is also same with me... 2003/3/26 Sincerely MR.... The woman who is EG's side, is driving now. EG You think that I am crazy now..huh? kkk because I fall in love... The woman the guy who makes your father angry ? EG I have to buy clothes, not like this parent...I want lovely dresses ..:) you have to keep this secret. The woman hands cheongsimhwan that pills that clear one's heart to her. Because soon she will meet his father. The president SEO feels really anger about her acting in the conference room..she made the contract cancel. The President SEO said to EG that get out of this house giving up all your asset. EG protests that you don't have an intention like complementary that you kept your resort that has memory with my wife. EG's biological mother. EG is kicked out... expelled. EG" take care yourself my father." JUNHA who is a laywer of EG hands a credit card to her. But she gives a refusal because he is also a member of Taeson company. The president Seo said that you never get any profit from Taeson. So she don't want to do foul. Yoohh JG dances well kkkkk really cute :) CC you want to see Yura? (who was a girl friend of him) JG Who is Yura? EG asks where is MR? At the bar. MR is with JH. JH borrowed this bar all. so there is no one except two.. JH Why don't you stop playing with her? She is poor..she will lose too many things. I will return to you maybe I can't also forget you... The text massage " EG will be go there soon" MR talks sweetly to EG in front of JH. In front of JH, MR and EG say I love you. I love you more. JH why did you do? How far are you going? Maybe she is 100% sincere to you. MR You think that I seem to 100% deceive her? She is young and cute and the daughter of the president.. then you think I am a real deceiver? JH why don't you self destruct together ? this pose will be better ? Then suddenly MR kisses her. She is shocked and prevent him from doing that. MR Are you jokking? maybe you don't know the real meaning of Self desturct. self destruct like this. MR I have nothing to lose. so you never wins me. There are so many things you can lose. JH I will never give up my goal and you will never stop this game...so what? let's go what happens in the end. In front of the bar, Ann is waiting her. Maybe she is sick especially her waist but we don't know reason.. JH says that you have ambition to get a goal and you think I am a useful thing to get there.. and I know. So just make the use of me...not love... Rather than it is easy to stand. EG runs away to meet JUNHA. JUNHA text her massage that is a kiss scene with JH and ANN. She is really shocked it. JUNHA says to her that the president SEO suggested final task to EG. Her reinstatement depends on that task. JUNHA please come back to the company ASAP if you lose this opportunity, you will never come back to company because of JH. The president SEO calls to Ann and he wonders where is JH? After location tracing with her cell phone, and then reports me. Actually he only believes woman just 30% The reason of sicking her waist is that she made efforts to keep the bag .. the bag was actually MR's bag. MR gave as a present for her.. EG makes a bet with a union head. To solve the task from the president SEO, she makes a bet this drinking game. (maybe who is winner ?) CC worries about JG. A few days ago he broke up his girl friend Yura because of CC. she is sorry for him. The president SEO's task is that if you solve the labor unrest just for two days, he will reestablish your place. After drinking a lot, she says that start again after going to rest room. Outside the store, EG talks with JUNHA.( I don't know what she mean) she says take a car. The phone is ringing. EG sorry today MR Are you drunken? and he saw EG. He says to her that the memories with me is nightmare... but you will wake up the nightmare soon.. JUNHA calls to EG but MR answers the phone instead of EG. JUNHA You're a guy who is a boyfriend of EG? MR yes,, i answer the phone because maybe so many people can worry about her. JUNHA replayed the scene but he didn't tell it to the president SEO because of his health. But he finds another scene in CCTV related with MR. He calls to the CCTV company to look closer the someone's face. At MR's home She wonders what happens on yesterday. because she said to him i miss you so much but I can't hear your answer I can't remeber. so she wonders what you said yesterday. MR you stepped on the poop. you are trapped with me,, MR.. i just give you on chance to escape me. Even now it is not late... EG so what was my answer. MR not yet... EG i will answer right now.. and they kiss while taking wedding pictures.. Her brother calls to her.. Her brother is a bully. He hits JG and get JH's phone number from MR's cell phone. so he brings his celphone. At the conference room. The union head requires to sign up this contract because she lose the yesterday game. She says even if I lose all my asset, I will sign up this condition. The union head feel sorry to her.. EG saw the picture that JH and MR are together. Finish :) Everyone i will make the preview card ASAP HEHEHE AND have a great thanksgiving day guys ~bye bye

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