Nutrients That Work Better Together

Just like how you work better with that morning cup of coffee, some vitamins can do more for you when paired with another nutrient! Here's a list (and chart!) of vitamins you should try to combine instead to get maximum nutrient absorption! Iron + Vitamin C Vitamin C is vital for absorbing Iron into your blood stream. While your body will benefit from eating iron-rich foods, a kick of vitamin C will allow high amounts of the essential nutrient to get into your body. Try green juices with citrus juice components, iron-rich cereals with a glass of orange juice, etc. Folic acid + vitamin B-6 and B-12 Together, they can reduce the level of an amino acid that, in high levels, is thought to damage artery linings, leading to heart attacks! Try out a good multi-vitamin to make sure you're getting these all together. Vitamin D + Calcium Calcium does wonders for your bones, but without vitamin D there is no way for the body to form a hormone called calcitriol, which allows for the absorption of calcium! Get your vitamin D from some scrambled eggs and follow it up with a glass of milk.

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