The Rolling Stones' Gorilla Marketing

The Stones have never been normal, and that's why we idolize them, but what the hell is this marketing campaign? The group is releasing a greatest hits album this November called GRRR! which has a gorilla sporting the iconic Rolling Stones lips all over the album. In order to promote this release, they've teamed up with Aurasma and Universal Music's app uView to create a (totally weird) 3D Gorilla experience for Stones fans around the world. The idea itself is pretty cool. In certain locations such as Big Ben, Tokyo Tower, or the Empire State Building (3,000 locations in 50 cities around the world total) users who downloaded the app can hold their phones up to the noted location and see gorillas jump around in front of their eyes. Not really sure what this has to do with a greatest hits album, but its unique at least. Along with watching the animated gorillas you can use the app to pre-order the album and take photos to enter competitions. One big 'oops,' has been the fact that the #GRRR tag on Twitter has not become a place to tweet photos of the events like Universal Music was hoping. Instead it has become a place for animal rights activists to talk about the grievances of real-life gorillas, and more power to them! Activists argue that there are only 720 mountain gorillas left in the world, and the Rolling Stones are missing a big opportunity to help out this cause. One article explains that "it be GRRReat! if the Rolling Stones promoted donating to save real gorillas while using virtual gorillas to plug their new album in order to make a real impact by using their massive clout and influence for more than just selling albums." Ho hum, either way this is not the best campaign I've ever seen, but they're certainly going to be selling a few albums regardless.

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