Do We Need to Send Save-the-Dates For Our Wedding?

Sending save-the-dates is not mandatory, but there are a few key reasons why so many couples choose to utilize them:

Give your guests the heads up: Save the Dates

Ensure your loved ones can attend:

Guests will know who is invited:

Why Send Digital Save-the-Dates?

Save-the-dates are quickly growing in popularity – why have so many couples moved to digital for their wedding?

They save time: save-the-dates

They're eco-friendly:

They're affordable: save-the-dates

How to Send Digital Save The Dates

So what's the perfect way to design and send digital save-the-dates for your wedding? There are a few options available to you:

Use a paperless invitation platform: Chic Invites

Create your design:save-the-dates

Manually send your cards:

Tip: Days to go

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