How do I extract phone numbers from VCF File?

Do you want to extract phone numbers from VCF files? If you still don't have an exact solution for this, then read the article to the end to get a helpful method for you. So let's get each phone number from the VCF file.

Importance of sharing VCF file

We don't even want to tell you the importance of contact numbers entered on your phone number or any other device. This is your greatest possession as without it you cannot even speak to someone miles away from you. We cannot imagine what will happen if we lose our contacts.

Some Issues come while sharing vCard files

When sharing your contacts from a mobile phone or another device, you face size limitations. In this case, if you have 1000 VCF files, you need to create multiple vCard files depending on the number of your contacts. It is not easy to extract multiple VCF files in a single attempt. This situation creates a lot of problems that overwhelm you.

To solve these problems and extract phone numbers from multiple VCF files, we have recommended the most helpful solution that can relieve you.

How to Extract Phone Numbers Using Expert-Tested Software?

vCard Converter Tool

Step 1. Download and install the vCard Converter tool and then run the app on your system.

Step 2. Then, go to the open option and tap on email data files and click on vCard files.

Step 3. Now, select and upload VCF files on the app.

Step 4. Now click on extract and press on the phone number.

Step 5. Here, browse the Output file location and click on save to complete the process.

Why Do Experts Choose Automated Software?

convert VCF to CSV

2. It obtains email addresses, phone numbers, and contact photos separately to make it an easier task.

3. You can select files or folders as per your needs and comfort.

4. During the conversion, your vCard file structure remains the same as before the process,

5. This software is compatible with all Windows operating systems(11/10/8/7/xp/vista etc.)

Wrapping Up

In this write-up, we have explained the most suitable method to extract phone numbers from VCF files. When it comes to converting contacts, we must always choose trustworthy software to carry out the process. This software is trusted by so many users and also users like to work with this software to save their time and effort.

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