Can We Get Early Access To MLB The Show 23?

release date of MLB The Show 23

Are we able to play MLB The Show 23 in advance?

You can get early access to MLB The Show 23, the game will be released on March 28th and we can pre-order the game now. If you purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition or Captain Edition version of the game in advance, then you will be able to access the game on March 24.

Early access to MLB The Show 23 for Xbox players

Xbox players have another way to play MLB The Show 23 early. Microsoft is offering an Early Access bundle this year that is only available to Xbox Game Pass users. Pick this up and you'll be able to play the game on March 24.

Also to the Early Access experience, this bundle includes a range of digital content:

The Show Packs

Ballplayer Packs

mlb 23 stubs

Double Daily Rewards

What's new in MLB The Show 23?

It provides almost all the features available in MLB The Show 22, as well as some new additions, including:

Reworked defense mechanics

Reworked batting system

Over 5,000 new animations

Access to the Negro Leagues and a new Storyline mode

All this new content will be available in MLB The Show 23 when it is released. The game will retail for $70 on the current console and $60 on the previous generation of consoles. As mentioned earlier, there are two other versions available (Digital Deluxe and Captain's Edition), each priced at $100, and with early access to the game on March 24.

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