Captain America's Chris Evans dons historical Korean garb for his next movie

Hollywood and Joseon briefly unite in the upcoming movie Playing It Cool, starring Chris Evans (The Avengers) and Michelle Monaghan (Source Code). In the trailers for the movie, Evans imagines himself and Monaghan as characters in a scene from a traditional sageuk. Take a look at the poster and trailer! Chris Evans plays a writer who doesn't believe in love until he meets a woman (Michelle Monaghan) who is engaged to another man. In classic rom-com style, he tries to play it cool and just be her friend as he falls deeper in love. Evans's writer character always inserts himself into his stories, which leads to the events of the Korean trailer: As a drama fan, the overly dramatic twist had me laughing quite a bit. In case you want to see more of what the movie is about, here's the full English trailer: So what do you think? Is Michelle Monaghan in a hanbok enough to entice you to see this movie? Comment below!

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