How to Become an Android Developer

Have you been amazed by how the applications for Gaming, Lifestyle, Entertainment or Business on your phone are so personalized and user friendly? If you are an Android user, you would surely know the benefits and comfort of using your favourite applications on the phone.

To all the applications built through Android Software Development, the credit goes to talented Android Developers who are the backbone for building such applications. The role of an Android Developer is fascinating. If you are already reading this, we are sure you would like to know more about Android Developers and their role.

Who is an Android Developer?

A person skilled in building an application that supports our daily activities via technological changes is known as an Android Developer. They work both for mobile and desktop applications.

In the software marketplace, Android has made a strong contribution and impact on the future of running applications. Every day, Android Developers release over 3 thousand applications all over the world. In other words, an Android Developer is a creative yet complex techie who modifies ideas into reality.

Demand for Android Developer in India:

Android Operating Systems (OS) was founded in 2003 in California by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. Ever since then, it has made its place in the mainstream software world.

India is home to 1.39 Billion people, and the usage of phone applications is among the highest in the world. India ranks at 2nd position after China for the highest population using the Android system. Over 375 million users are connected to their devices every day, creating exceptional demand for Android Developers.

how to become an Android Developer

How to Become an Android Developer?

If you are curious about how to become an App Developer in Android Development, this blog will help you understand the need to become one. Firstly, you require the zest in learning and exploring the various software.

To become an Android Developer, one should fulfill the basic requirements to further learn about the software. Before learning about how to become an App Developer, students must be aware of the key skill sets required in the industry. They are as follows:

Technical Skills:

1. Knowledge of Git

2. Vital Android SDK Concepts

3. Decent Experience with SQL

4. Understanding Android Studio

5. Backend Programming Skills

6. Expertise in Java, Kotlin, or Both

7. Understanding of Material Design Guidelines

Non-Technical Skills:

1. Writing Skills

2. Teamwork

3. Management Skills

4. Communication Skills

5. Industry and Business Knowledge

Every student needs Android Developer skills to build a strong career in the field. Although to seek the technical knowledge and skills, you need to pursue an education after higher secondary.

Students who want to enter this field must attain a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Applications. They can also choose a software Computer Engineering program or a related Software Development course or field.

Besides this, aspirants can pursue Mobile Application Development or Language Certifications courses offered at various institutions and acquire knowledge in computer languages such as C, C++, and Objective C for writing applications such as Java.

Android Developer Roles and Responsibilities:

By seeking the Android Developer skills and knowledge, it is now time to apply them in the real world. Building applications for various platforms or industries requires developers to collaborate with teams and work with APIs. They also implement unit tests and make sure to stay updated with the latest developments in technology.

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of an Android Developer:

1. Performing instrumentation tests on various codes

2. Optimizing the application performance and its code level

3. Writing codes that support android applications effectively

4. Updating with the technological trend in mobiles and other devices

5. Resolving bottlenecks, identifying bugs to enhance the application performance

6. Designing new features for the application and collaborating with other teams

Other Job Scope:

Android Developer jobs

The job opportunities available in the app development field are vast. As a professional in Android Development, you can choose various job roles such as:

1. Mobile Developer

2. Mobile App Developer

3. Android Engineer

4. Mobile Architect

5. Mobile Lead Software Engineer

6. Embedded Software Engineer - Mobile

7. Lead Software Engineer- Mobile

8. Android App Development Engineer

9. Mobile Embedded Software Engineer

The various types of Industries where an Android application is used are as follows:

1. IT Industry

2. Manufacturing

3. Banking

4. Education

5. Healthcare Industry

6. Hospitality and Tourism

By becoming an Android Developer, you can build a career in India and abroad countries like Canada, the UK, the United States, China, etc.


There is no going backwards in this field. With an increasing user base of technology, the Software Development field will remain evergreen. A career in this field gives a good salary package even for freshers. Android Developer salary in India ranges from 4 Lakhs Per Annum to 55 Lakhs Per Annum.

The higher your level of experience and knowledge, the higher is the salary package. An Android Developer salary in India and Abroad are very satisfactory.


The age of technology is developing, and this is the right time to begin your Android Developer journey. After a clear understanding of who is an Android Developer and how to become one, it is time to choose the best suitable career in Android Development by joining the right Android Application Development course in India. is a web portal which has A-Z information about Colleges, Universities and Schools and so much more. It operates under the aegis of Learntech Edu Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , a company which is passionate about counselling students and guiding them to appropriate academic pathways which lead to rewarding and fulfilling careers.
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