How to Do a BIS License Renewal?

BIS license renewal needs to be renewed within the appropriate time frame. However, the BIS authorities will impose the penalty for 3 months prior to the expiration, but once the expiration date will pass, the certificate will be null and void. 

standard mark.

Benefits of BIS License Renewal

1. Legal Advantages

One of the most important advantages a BIS license provides is the uninterrupted manufacturing of products for both Indian and foreign manufacturers. As we know, a BIS license is an obligatory requirement to sell/ distribute/ import goods in India. 

2. Competitive Advantage 

A BIS-licensed product, either manufactured in Indian or outside serves as proof of high-quality product, conformance with safety parameters, and meeting Indian standards. Therefore, making a product more reliable and credible. 

3. Tested and Certified Product

Testing and certification of a product is an integral part of a BIS license as it helps the authorities to under the conformance of a product with safety parameters. This is done by withdrawing product samples for testing in third-party laboratories. 

4. Easy Market Access

BIS license

What is the Validity of BIS Certification?

BIS certification scheme Validity

ISI Certification 1 year

CRS Certification 2 years

FMCS Certification 1 or 2 years (decision taken by the authorities)

Moreover, the validity of the license is 2 years or 5 years after the payment of the advance marking fee. 

How We Make BIS License Renewal Easy?

1- Our BIS consultants will conduct thorough research to know whether a product falls under the purview of BIS or not.

2- BIS license renewal is no easy task, which is why we are the #1 option to complete your certification requirements because we will analyze your product to provide the finest guidelines. 

3- We are abreast with all the information in regard to how the BIS certification process works, which makes us the perfect choice to assist you in documentation, evaluation, and examination.

4- In the case of factory auditing, we are equipped with all the necessary resources to conduct a virtual pre-audit to ensure your manufacturing unit, product process, and more as per BIS standards or not.

5- We will schedule a meeting with BIS officials for a factory audit.

6- If your premises lack an in-house testing facility, which is an important requirement for ISI or FMCS, we will provide you with complete assistance in establishing one. 

7- We are a leading compliance service provider who emphasizes providing high-satisfactory services, that is why we will assist you with customs clearance of sample products.

8- If required, we will pay a visit to the BIS office on your behalf. 

9- Our consultants will closely remain in contact with laboratory or BIS officials to ensure proper follow-ups.


To recapitulate, BIS license renewal is essential to constantly use the BIS mark, most notably to avoid any further penalty which could be imposed upon you. Be it ISI, FMCS, or CRS - all the certification schemes under BIS need to be renewed. 

we guarantee to make BIS license renewal hassle-free too by emphasizing on providing quality and reliable services. 

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