Log Keeping in AutoGuard GPS Vehicle Tracker System

vehicle tracker system

Log keeping was once exclusively done within the confines of a logbook for a ship. But we have come past that long ago and logs are now extensively being used for all kinds of vehicles. To store data in a systematic manner for recalling at a later time can be called log keeping. AutoGuard ensures the best kind of data recording. It is also able to figure out the idle time of heavy vehicles and can determine how long a vehicle it has been used. Instead of using 10 or 12 GPS channels like other telematics companies, AutoGuard uses up 32 even up to 52 depending on the scenario. There is no doubt that we provide the best in line GPS tracking device for cars. Now, with our high quality VTS tracking, figure out the correct mileage that verifies with the time of operation. This means no room for data inconsistency.

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