Does Caring About Animals Sometimes Get You Down?

I recently started volunteering at my local animal shelter because I have no room in my apartment for a furry companion. Spending my Sundays with these cats and dogs gives me a happy boost to make it through my week, as long as I don't think about it for too long. Some of these dogs will never get adopted. They were all abused and have many problems such as stress, physical disabilities, and trust issues. When I think about this aspect of my work, rather than just the fun I have with them, my heart actually breaks. I found this wonderful article on One Green Planet that gives some helpful tips on how to keep your chin up, even through the hardest moments of caring for our animal friends. I will certainly be working on this aspect of my life and I hope that these can help you as well. 1. Take Action If you're an animal lover and don't know what to do with this big place in your heart, take action! Whether it is as simple as moving to a plant based diet or volunteering at a shelter, share the love! 2. Do NOT strive for perfection Many people who are active in animal rights or animal care feel overwhelmed and depressed that they weren’t doing enough. You cannot be perfect and you shouldn't try to be. Doing what you can is enough, and the animals will thank you. 3. Surround yourself with people who get it! You’ve obviously already found the Vingle Vegan community, so you're on the right track! You may be the only one in your family or community that cares about animals the way that you do, but there’s a whole world out there that can be your support group! 4. It’s totally okay to focus on the positive It all boils down to perspective. If we feel everything is awful, everything will be awful. Remember why you are doing the things that you are, even if it means spending an hour on Youtube watching cute cat videos. 5. Maybe you need more help If you’ve actively worked to turn the frown upside down but you’re not feeling much better, the best course of action would be to talk through your feelings with a professional. I hope that this gives you some ideas :)

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