Ttwigo visits BEAST's pop-up store!

Ttwigo had a chance last week to visit BEAST’s pop-up store on the 7th floor, Lotte Young Plaza, Myeongdong, Seoul. Celebrating the release of BEAST’s special seventh mini-album, “Time”, and as part of the Lotte K- Wave project, this pop-up store is available from October 21 to October 30. Ever since its opened, lots of fans have visited thestore to see a wide variety of BEAST merchandise. Not only does it offer merchandise of the group’s latest album, the pop-up store also give fans the opportunity to get their hands merchandise from the past “Beautiful Show 2014″ and “Beautiful Show 2013″ concert with a discount price. The price of the merchandise sold here ranges from 2,000 KRW to 27,000 KRW. READ MORE: Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!

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