Etsy Dropshipping Review, Bonus, OTOs – Proven Method For Daily Passive Profits

Why Dropshipping on Etsy?

Dropshipping itself is a simple business model. Let me explain it:

1. Customer buys an item from your store for £40.

2. You then place an order with your supplier for said item, but it costs you £10.

3. The supplier handles the fulfilment e.g. packing, shipping, etc.

4. The item is shipped to the customer. You profit £20.

5. That’s it.

Why Choose Etsy Dropshipping Over Generic Shopify?

Great question. Here’s a list of reasons:

– It’s free to start

– No technical knowledge required at all

– You don’t need to setup a website

– The traffic is on-platform, free and organic

– No paid ads

– Can be setup and making money within 7 days (yeah, seriously)

– Infinite possibilities and scaling potential

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