my world

we all have our own world whether its good or bad is on you. my world may be full of demons and death but let me tell you it's so very good. it's just how you view it.your world.YOUR world. your mind. one in the same only to be told in time not yet set in stone .we have our thoughts about everything. yet we still make bad choices... maybe the choices we make is OUR world trying to escape OUR minds but we cover it up with lies like band aids that are ready to pull off just like a scab that never heals because you keep scratching at it because somewhere deep down we all wanna know the truth. this may be a poem but it's not fiction it's as close to the truth as my mind is to opening and letting everyone in on my world and my demons. my mind is not a one track mind I'm over here now I'm over there now I'm just staring in on my journal full of so many wasted ideas that all relate back to my own world. my own MIND.

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if you like my work follow me I'm a northbrook high school senoir poet/writer
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