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BIS compulsory registration schemeBureau of India Standards


What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a BIS Certificate?

1- A BIS certificate acts as a shield against penalties and fines which could be imposed for not certifying a product.

2- A BIS certificate serves as evidence that a product has been tested and certified as per prescribed standards.

3- A certified product provides a sense of security and safety to the consumers, thus ensuring easy acceptance.

4- It provides a competitive advantage over competitors.

5- Easy market acceptance as a product is tested and certified.

6- Confirm the unmatched quality standards.

7- Provides easy market access.

What Are the Distinct BIS Certification Schemes?

Indian Standards Institute (ISI)

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS)

Compulsory Certification Scheme (CRS)

ISI certification

FMCS certification

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How to Get a BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme?

1- The manufacturer’s profile will be created on the BIS portal.

2- The Test Report Format (TRF) will be generated for a BIS accredited laboratory.

3- After TRF generation, the lab will submit the report under the client’s profile on the BIS portal.

4- Foreign applicants will duly appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) and must submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Form A/B. While Indian applicants must submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Format C.

5- Furthermore, the online form will be submitted along with the required documents followed by the required fee.

6- The certificate will be granted based on testing, not based on the factory visit, consequently, the CRS certificate will be obtained if your product complies with the BIS (CRS) requirements.

How We Make BIS Certification Seamless?

1- We assist you to know whether a product falls under the purview of BIS.

2- For comprehensible guidance, we will first scrutinize the certification requirements of a product.

3- We will provide you with information regarding the number of samples required for product testing because product sample requirement differs depending on product type.

4- We will educate you about the BIS CRS registration process, benefits, and documents required, including any query you may have regarding the same.

5- Being a reputed BIS consultant, we will provide you with technical and non-technical support.

6- JR Compliance offers competitive and excellent services to our clients by meeting the startled queries/demands of BIS.

7- To ensure the utmost convenience for our client, we will also assist you in the customs clearance of the sample product.

8- To meet your expectations we invest our efforts in day-to-day visits to the BIS office on your behalf if required.


We are glad to help you find the best solution for your concerns, however, won’t it be much easier to get in touch with us right now to meet your compliance requirements with a snap of fingers. In case we have missed something that you might be interested in knowing how to get a BIS compulsory registration scheme, get in touch with us right now.

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