Tips for Standing out in an Interview

To stand out during an interview process, you should keep these in mind:


Research the company to learn more about their culture, immediate needs and long-term goals. If possible, find more information about your interviewers by searching on the company website or reviewing their professional networking profiles.


Dress professionally to show interviewers you are interested in the role. Bring a paper copy of your resume to your interview. You can also ask if there is anything else you should bring, such as a portfolio or some examples of your past work.


Make eye contact with your interviewer as much as possible. Keep your back straight and your shoulders square. Nod occasionally to show that you are listening. Remember to smile when appropriate.

Interview questions

Learn about the most common interview questions in your industry so you can prepare your answers. 



Follow up

Follow up with your interviewer after a few days. Send a thank you letter or an email to let them know that you appreciate the opportunity. Remind them why you want to work with the company and reiterate your contact information. This lets businesses know that you are excited about the possibility of the position and are willing to do your best.

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