Should people returning from retirement consider fundraising? Hell to the yes!

Silver quitters are coming back to work in their droves because of the cost of living crisis and because well, perhaps retirement isn't as entertaining as they thought.

Work can fill us with a sense of purpose and achievement, and the social element is not to be overlooked, particularly if you enjoy the company of others.

Face to face fundraising is a career choice that so many overlook but we're on a mission to encourage people in their autumn years to explore more!

From flexible hours, a regular wage, additional pension, healthcare and shopping discounts, there's much to be said for fundraising. Apart from the monetary side, there's great variety, challenge, community and a real sense of having done something that makes a difference.

Want to learn more? Here's an article giving all the lowdown on why work after retirement and face to face fundraising are a perfect match...

We deliver fundraising and awareness campaigns for the charity sector through passionate, professional and ethical work. We are industry leaders, with a fantastic reputation for our first class standards and integrity. Our award winning training is key to our success. Hundreds of our highly skilled and dedicated fundraisers work across the whole of the UK, helping to drive our charity partners’ big strategic goals. All our fundraisers are mentored and continuously supported, which sets us apart from our competitors and helps achieve our goal to be a great place to work.
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