How To Check A BIS Certificate Online?

It’s not easy as it seems to track your application because it involves numerous steps and requires expertise.

Bureau of Indian Standards

BIS certification

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How to Check a BIS Certificate Online? (Tracking Application Status)


2- Thereafter, the “Search a License” page will appear under the “Conformity Assessment” (ManakOnline) option.

3- When clicking on “Search a License,” the license number, registration number, and firm’s name will be entered.

4- After entering the required information, a report will be generated.

How to Check the Status of a CRS Certificate Online?

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2- Under the “Search by R-number” option, a page with a “List of Registered Manufacturers” will be displayed.

3- The Registration number, product name, model, and brand information will be entered. 

4- Once the information will be entered, if a CRS application is granted, details of the manufacturer will be displayed.

How to Check the Status of an FMCS Certificate Online?

official website

2- The “Licensee” option will be clicked by hovering on the conformity assessment. 

3- Thereafter, either of the BIS “List of Licensees,” will be chosen.

4- The IS number and choose the country will be entered. 

5- The data of all foreign manufacturers will be displayed as per the entered country and IS number.

how to check a BIS certificate online

JR Compliance

Yes! Our services are not restricted to completing the registration but we believe it is our responsibility towards our client to use our resources and expertise - be it an inspection, testing, pre-audit, or tracking of the application, we will take care of each and every aspect of certification. 


The tracking of the BIS certificate online involves different series of steps for each certification type - be it visiting the different official websites depending on certification type, availability of required information, or anything, it involves a great deal of effort. 

JR Compliancecompleted 10,000+ BIS registration (ISI, FMCS, and CRS) hassle-free

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