Look-Great-In-Heels Workout

These moves will all target your lower legs and calves to define your legs perfectly for those winter boots you've been hiding in your closet all year :) Straight Leg Calf Raise - Begin by standing on the top of a stair or step bench with dumbbells in hand and feet hip-width apart. Allow your heels to extend off the bench so that you are on the balls of your feet. Stand with a long, tall spine and abs drawn inward. Rise up onto the balls of your feet with knees straight but not locked. Pause at the top, and squeeze your calf muscles. Lower down just until your feet are in line with the bench—do not drop them below the level of the bench. That's one rep. Single Leg Bent-Knee Calf Raise - Stand on a step or weight plate, and hold a 10- or 15-pound dumbbell in your right hand. Cross your left foot behind your standing right leg at the ankle. Focus your effort onto the ball of the standing right leg, and lower down so that your right knee is bent. Keeping your knee bent, rise up onto the ball of your right foot. Hold and squeeze for two seconds, then lower down to the starting position. That’s one rep. Imaginary Jump Rope - Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and imagine you are holding a jump rope in your hands. Push off the floor with both feet in a small jumping motion while you simultaneously circle your hands forward as you would with a jump rope. Land softly and immediately rebound off the floor. Continue the movement with both your feet and hands. High Knee Jog In Place - From a standing position, raise your left leg and your right arm in front of you. From this position, hop and switch so that your right leg and left arm are in front of you. Immediately switch again and continue this way, mimicking a running movement. Focus on staying on the balls of your feet during the whole movement.

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