Marilyn Monroe Hair and Makeup Tutorial

With Halloween just around the corner, I know that someone, somewhere, is stressing about pulling off a convincing Marilyn Monroe look. I love watching make up tutorials and I wanted to share two of my favorite Marilyn guide! Both of these girls have studied Marilyn's life and the techniques of her makeup artists extensively, so you can be sure that you're getting a authentic look! Lipstick Tutorial First off, this tutorial is great simply because this girl looks exactly like Marilyn!! This tutorial will walk you through Marilyn's iconic lip color set-by-step :) Note that you may not have all of the items needed to create this look, especially because she uses 3 different colors on her lips! This is the most authentic look that I've seen though so if you really want to commit, this is the tutorial for you! Hair and Makeup Tutorial This tutorial shows you how to get Marilyn's iconic curls. Angie uses a ceramic curler rather than a pin curl set which requires leaving your curls to set overnight as you sleep for time saving purposes, but she has videos showing the pin curl set as well. She'll guide you through the foundation, eyeliner, brows, and highlights as well as the lips. Her transformation is really incredible! Good luck on your Marilyn looks :)

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