Canadian Teacher in South Korea Facing Jail Time After Reporting Sexual Assault

A Canadian woman sexually assaulted in South Korea has learned she could face charges after testifying in court. The woman, whose identity is withheld, has video evidence of the man following her home from work. She stated, "he came inside my apartment building and sexually assaulted me." That is when she called the police. The accused was apprehended soon after in a different neighborhood where he was preying on a different woman. This man reportedly a wealthy professional and has a history with the police, accused of sexual assault in other attacks. Refusing bribes from the man's family members, the woman took him to court and won, however, it was thrown out on appeal. “The first trial, I won the first trial…and then during the second trial, he won…and he won because it came out that the original police report didn’t say that I was raped." The man she accused is going after her in court. "He is now trying to press criminal charges against me, so I have to speak to the police officers. I’ve spoken to them once. He’s trying to charge me with false accusation and perjury, basically lying on the stand." Although the woman is worried about the potential jail time and legal expenses, she wants to stay in Korea. She has called the country home for the last 6 years. If we can learn anything from this incident, it is this. If you are an expatriate living in another country you may not be accustomed to the laws of that country. Many other countries, including the US, have flaws in their justice systems.

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