Lebanese Cinnamon-Anise Tea, A Natural Indigestion Remedy

Anise tea is not only delicious and aromatic (iced or hot!), but is a pretty common Middle Eastern remedy for upset stomach and indigestion. Drink it when your tummy isn't feeling its best, or make a pot when you're entertaining guests. (It goes really well with tea biscuits!) Note: This is one of the few recipes I am 100% sure you can find at most grocery stores. If you haven't purchased whole anise seeds before, they have a mild licorice flavor and are usually kept in the baking section with the rest of the spices. ------------------------------------------ Anise Spiced Tea 4 cups water 4 tsps. whole anise seeds 1 tsp. cinnamon Pine nuts, optional 1. Clean and wash anise seeds and put in a pot of boiling water. Add cinnamon. 2. Let simmer for 3 minutes or until water turns yellowish. Strain it into teacups using a tea strainer. 3. Serve sugar with it to suit your taste. If desired, add some pine nuts to each teacup.

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