Stats on Bumgarner After Historic Performance

1) Bumgarner is now the fourth pitcher to win the league championship series and World Series MVP in the same postseason. 2) He’s the third Giants player to win World Series MVP. (Edgar Renteria (2010) and Pablo Sandoval (2012)). 3) Bumgarner finished 2-0 with an 0.43 ERA in 21 innings in the 2014 World Series. 4) He's the first pitcher with two wins, a shutout and a save in a World Series since the save rule became official in 1969. 5) He'a also the first pitcher with two wins, a sub-0.50 ERA in at least 20 innings in a single World Series (Sandy Koufax - 1965 Dodgers). 6) Bumgarner logged 52⅔ innings this postseason, the most ever in a single postseason. He had an ERA of 1.03. 7) Bumgarner has now won three World Series titles. If he never makes the World Series again, he 0.25 ERA would be the best with a minimum of 20 innings pitched.

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