Sooyoung thanks those who loved “My Spring Day” through a handwritten letter

Sooyoung shared on her Instagram on the 31st, “Hello. It”s “My Spring Day”s Lee Bom Yi, Sooyoung :). After watching the finale, I guess I”ll really have to send it off now. I tried to pull myself together well.. But now that this time has come, it”s very regretful and sad. Bom Yi, who would”ve prepared for a difficult time of parting like this in a mature way, still comes to mind. With our drama”s atmosphere on set and the director”s detailed directing, it feels like we”ve made a handmade production, stitch by stitch. It was a very happy spring day for me to work with the best actor, Kam Woo Sung sunbaenim, for this big production. I will not erase these lingering memories of sunbaenim and I, and I promise to keep them in my heart for a long time.. If the viewers also remember “My Spring Day” this season each year, Bom Yi and Dong Ha will be very happy. The staff, who lived the spring day with me throughout the hot summer up until fall, worked so hard. Director Lee Jae Dong and writer Park Ji Sook, thank you for making a production that I will never forget. And last but not least, I sincerely thank all of the viewers. Please be happy always. – From Sooyoung.” Are you going to miss “My Spring Day”?

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