Five Tips Wearing Halloween Costumes on Your Bike

Here are 5 great tips for staying safe and having fun while dressing up and riding your bike this Halloween. 1. No capes You may feel like a superhero on your bike, but we don’t recommend dressing as Superman, unless you're prepared to deal with the potentially disastrous consequences of a spoke-cape interaction. 2. Approach animals with caution As with superheroes, you'll want to stray away from obvious spoke dangers like octopi, squid, and other tentacled beings. Long tails fall under that category as well—either pin your tail up against the costume or settle for a nub-tailed critter like a polar bear or a bunny. 3. Avoid full masks They’ll compromise your peripheral vision. Use face paint instead. 4. Think inside the box Paradoxically, a good old-fashioned robot or Tetris piece can make a great costume strictly because of the comical nature of operating a bicycle from within a giant painted box. Simply cut bigger armholes, use a smaller box that can rest above the waist, and make sure your head has plenty of room to swivel when necessary. 5. Make sure you can get a helmet on Even if you look ridiculous, it's always a good idea to try to have on one.

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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