Open This Week: "Breathe Walk Die" – Ugo Rondinone at Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

In Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone's first solo exhibition "Breathe Walk Die" at Shanghai, forty clown wax figures with colorful costumes, white masks, black eyelashes, and rainbow wigs are arbitrarily positioned in highly meditative poses. Each clown is named after an event in the cycle of a day in the life of a solitary person and referred to in whole as the 'vocabulary of solitude'. While at first, the excess of color might take your mind to the childish, surreal, and candy-like, Rondinone actually wants to use such a colorful overkill to convey isolation. The clowns aren't awake and entertaining. The audience isn't able to interact with them much at all. To Rondinone, the figures aren't particular artworks to be viewed individually, but the entire artspace in one large statement on isolation and the abuse of color. The exhibition will continue at Rockbund Art Museum through January 4th.

"Life is demanding without understanding."
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