6 Contemporary Artists that have shown at Château de Versailles

Every year, the Château de Versailles, the palace that was home to the French monarchy in the time leading up to the French Revolution, invites a prolific contemporary artist to show on site. Versailles, as it's called, houses some of the most magnificent (albeit a bit ostentatious) works of the French Baroque and Rococo eras, as the palace employed such famous artists as Jules Hardouin Mansart, André Lenôtre, Charles Lebrun, and Jacques Ange Gabriel to design a majority of the space. What results when inviting contemporary artists to exhibit in and around the palace is an incredible synthesis of Fine vs. Modern. Upon interacting with the steel sculpture work of Jeff Koons, for example, the audience is pulled into a future that the cherubs and gilded moulding work of Charles Le Brun never got to see. Because this is such a dynamic contrast, I wanted to be able to show you a few examples from each of the six artists invited to show at Versailles: Joana Vasconcelos (Photos 1 - 2), Jeff Koons (Photos 3 - 4), Takashi Murakami (Photo 5), Xavier Veilhan (Photo 6), Bernard Venet (Photo 7 - 8), and Lee Ufan.

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