Generate Electricity by Walking!

Want to charge your phone while walking? With the Go Kin Pack, its possible! Go Kin Packs ran a kickstarter campaign that ended in July (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) to fund their pack which can be used to charge batteries and phones of all types (via USB) just by walking! The concept is this: the pack has a generator in the bottom, and two wires of sorts that you attached to the back of your pants or shoes. Then, as you walk, the motion of your walking creates power! Don't ask me all the scientific details, I'm not an expert! While I'm a bit surprised that this campaign was not funded successfully, I do find the overall design to be a bit....well, not great for hiking! While I think it will be great to have a way we can generate power like this in a very environmentally friendly, usable way, I don't think I would feel safe doing anything more than a stroll down the street with something attached to my feet that could get caught up on the trail. It just doesn't seem safe! Still, I see the potential of this idea: if it can expand to somehow use my energy without this inconvenience, I think we'd have a fantastic system indeed! They did add solar power panels to the new design, so I hope that this idea can develop and become something mainstream that all hikers can use. I mean hey, wouldn't it be nice to get a charge for you reusable batteries, even on the go? Check out their full website here:

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