Song Jae Rim gets jealous over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon on upcoming episode of WGM 4!

Song Jae Rim showed his cute jealousy over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon during the recording for the upcoming episode of MBC's 'We Got Married'! SEE ALSO: Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun wear couple outfits on 'We Got Married' During a recent filming, the onscreen couple were eating breakfast when Song Jae Rim mentioned the articles he read on Kim So Eun's press conference for her tvN drama 'Liar Game'. One of the articles said, "[Kim So Eun] likes Lee Sang Yoon more than Song Jae Rim," and Song Jae Rim couldn't hide his disappointment reading this. Although Kim So Eun explained that that wasn't what she meant, Song Jae Rim continued to get jealous as he mentioned how she had failed to put a heart in the caption for the photo of them on SNS, but she put a heart for the photo of her and Lee Sang Yoon. He quickly got over his jealousy though as he helped put lipstick on his 'wife' while she was getting ready for their outing, telling her "Close your eyes". Having earned the right to a wish in the previous episode, he told her, "You have to go straight into [skinship] three times today." Stay tuned for another exciting episode this Saturday at 5 PM KST!

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