Korea for Kids: Seoul Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park seems to have everything you could possible need for a day outing with the kids. A zoo, gardens, rides, shows, concert venues and more. So much fun! Here's the information from the Visit Korea site: INTRODUCTION Situated in Seoul City’s Gwangjin-gu, Children’s Grand Park covers 530,000 square meters and is an ultimate leisure facility for families, offering a zoo, botanical garden, amusement facilities, and diverse performance events. Opened on a Korean holiday called Children’s Day in 1973, the park is full of attractions that appeal to youngsters: Marine Animal House that exhibits seals and polar bears, a Small Animal Village, and even a Parrot Village. The Music Fountain showcases a colorful array of water shows while the Outdoor Concert Hall offers a wide variety of performances year-round. The Water Playground is the ideal place to cool off in the summer. The wildly popular amusement park, iLand offers an entertaining assortment of thrill rides: train rides, a ride called the Viking which consisting of an open, seated gondola that swings back and forth, Jumper-Boat, Bumper Cars, Ghost Castle and more. Added to this are football fields, tennis courts, Dome Art Hall, and Kids Auto Park, making Children’s Grand Park an ultimate venue for family entertainment. Telephone +82-2-450-9311 Open all year round Operating Hours Park: 05:00~22:00 / Zoo 09:00~17:00 PARKING FACILITIES ※ Operating hour: 09:00~22:00 ※ Inquiry: +82-2-444-3056 Fees Small cars: 300 won/10 min Mid-sized cars: 600 won/10 min Large cars: 900 won/10 min ADMISSION: Free AVAILABLE FACILITIES * Zoo: 623 animals representing 106 species * Botanical Garden: 5,506 plants representing 402 species * Amusement Park: Squirrel Ride, 3D Theater, Ghost Castle, 88 Train (jet coaster), 88 Train Station, Apollo, Jumper-Boat, Merry-Go-Round, Electronic Combat Fighter, Sky Train, Mini Light, Wind Castle, Airgun Shooting, Music Express, Fun House, Viking, Space Fighter, Motorcycle, Sky Cycle, Hurricane, Wave Swing, and Dino Land * Character World, Kids Auto Park, Outdoor Performance Hall, Music Fountain, Football Field FACILITY UTILIZATION FEES Amusement Park (One ride pass/"Big-5" pass (5 rides)/One-day pass) Adults: 4,000 won/15,000 won/21,000 won Youth (ages 13-18): 3,500 won/13,000 won/20,000 won Children (ages 12 and under): 3,000 won/12,000 won/19,000 won Character World Adults: 4,000 won Children: 4,000 won (admission)/7,000 won (one-day pass) Camel Riding Adults: 5,000 won Children: 4,000 won Pony Riding (For children only): 3,000 won Anistory (Animal show) Adults: 6,400 won Children (ages 12 and under): 4,800 won Facilities for the Handicapped 30 parking spaces Baby Stroller Rentals 3,000 won Operating Hour 10:00 - 18:00 Tel +82-2-444-3535 DIRECTIONS [Subway] Children's Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 1. [Bus] Take Bus 3216, 4212, 2221, 3215, 130, 303, 9301 or 9403. Get off at Children's Grand Park.

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