iwon recently sent Her pic n talked to Her friend fans in fan cafe . She looks have a good time w Her family. She's in hotel n watched sunrise in Taean sea. Wish u the best time Jiwonie ah~. I'll edit after trans Her words later From Jiwonie to 1023: Wishing you a beautiful Chuseok day Love you Love you Love you Today, also love you ..... This 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival plump round like the moon, cozy and warm. Shining to spend this Mid-Autumn Festival .... Think about my 1023 .... this year we'll be more happy and bright ... dear Moon 1023 until this moment .... Thank you for being together... This year, I'll pray more .... Watching the Moon .... Let's eat many many of delicous foods ... with family and happy.... Love you Love you 1023 .... This photo in Taean sea ... Moment ... open a window and get up at the hotel at dawn, watching the rising sun, so beautiful, I'm crying ~ ~ Why..so beautiful...Wanted to show the 1023 ... HEM `` completely ASHAMED ..... Hehe Washing NO ~ ~ hehe Cr: jiwonlove (c) soompi posted and translated by Dallee

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