The father, the son #33 - February, 40 AD

"Martha!" the distorted voice echoing from the rocks, calls her name. She can't identify its source. Some one is playing her own tricks on her. "Martha, you will take the herbs that you just picked and bring them to the house of Ananias. You know who he is." About half an hour earlier she was talking to Saul. trying to tell him who she was. "I am Martha. I am one of the women who followed Jesus in the Galilee." Saul slowly turned his head towards her, and mumbled , "Martha... the sister of Lazarus... I called you a witch so many times... I came here to kill you... " The companions looked at her with an ominous look. One of them reached for his sword. "No. wait!", She said. "Can't you see that he is hallucinating? He was poisoned. Probably with mandrake root. Now let me... " The man got up and drew his sword. "Move away from him! " he shouted. She got up and moved back a bit. "Look, " she said, "Take him to the house of Judas, in the main street of Damascus, and ask for the medicine man. His name is Luke. He will help you. You must trust me, or Saul will die! " "Who are you? ". she asks the voice. "You know who I am, and if you want you and your son to live, you will do as I tell you". Suddenly she thinks she can recognize the voice. She puts the herbs into her bag and hurries back to the city.

God gave me a pen and asked me what do I want to write. I am still writing the answer.
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