Make a Pumpkin Planter

Don't know what to do with the leftover pumpkin bowl? You can reuse it and create a Fall center piece with a little decorating. Materials: A Pumpkin (we could only find an orange one so painted it white, but if you like the organ or can find the naturally white pumpkin, use that). Knife Spoon Chopping Board Paint and paint brush (optional) Directions: 1. Turn your pumpkin on its side and cut the top off. 2. Cut a cross section across the middle and spoon the pumpkin flesh out with a spoon. Save for making a batch of pumpkin scones! 3. Stop once you have emptied the pumpkin 4. Lay down a piece of scrap paper and turn the pumpkin upside down 5. Paint the entire pumpkin and allow to dry 6. Once dry, turn the pumpkin back around and paint the top of the pumpkin and any spots you might have missed. Again allow to dry. 7. Now popper the succulent in there with the pot, so it can be take out once the pumpkin starts to look dull.

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