How Videos Games Help Kids Learn

This seems to be a thing I talk about alot XD regardless found this awesome article with 7 examples of how videos games help kids with school, and IMO life in general. You can check the article for full explanations (and the full list), it’s pretty cool! + Video games are a social activity + Somehow people have the idea that people who play video games are 40 year old guys living in their mom’s basement or anti-social 12 year olds who won’t go outside and that’s really not true. Video games are a lot more fun to play with friends, and even when you don’t have people local to play with there’s plenty of options to play with people online. According to the article playing games socially helps kids develop good social skills and "children with positive social skills are more likely to have high self-esteem, good peer relationships and achieve in school.” + Games improve critical thinking and reading comprehension + Well this one’s pretty obvious and self explanatory, and there’s a lot of research about it actually. Basically all games, puzzler or not, require critical thinking to solve problems, whether it’s taking down a squad of baddies in Halo or building a blobby bridge in World of Good. There’s also plenty of reading to do for games, both in the game and for walkthroughs or just stories and stuff. + Video games make people happy and relieve stress + My personal fave, apparently “video games can have positive, therapeutic effects on players of all ages.” They give you brain a chance to focus on something not work or life related so you can unwind and relax and if you’re prone to stress or anxiety they can help as a distraction which “is critical for emotional and metal well-being.” + Video games are good for individualized learning + Ask anyone invested in education and eventually the concept of individual learning will come up, because every student is different and learns in a different way. Video games let students or anyone to learn at their own pace and even figure out what works best for them. + Games teach new skills + There’s no better way to learn about technology than using it right? and games are the best way to use and learn new technology as it’s made. Win win situation!

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