Phat DeanZ Baby DollZ review

I recently Received my phat deanz baby DollZ and must say I am in love! I'm going to write some parameters and rate from 1-10 with details explaining the feel and such. The slide - 7/10, these aren't "cheating wheels" like Cadillacs swingers, they slide amazingly but aren't too slidey, allowing for a clean controllable slide and a nice hookup on corners. The thane - 8/10 with a decent amount of downward pressure these beauties leave golden thane lines with hardly any wear Durometer - coming in at 84a they are harder than a rag doll but are still as good if not better. On the harder side you get a longer lasting wheel and still a consistent amount of grip. Roll speed - these have a considerably quick roll speed for a small wheel, they are quick and still controllable at high speeds. Overall - all in all these are my favorite wheel, they last long, thane beautifully, and are consistent. Great for double kicks and are worth every penny. Coming in at 40 bucks I'll be buying more! Stay steezy! -Patrick(Agek)

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