10 Tips for Maryhill Newcomers

We all know the famous maryhill, and we all want to ride it's perfect curves, but newcomers can be intimidated. So here's a few tips for you to get ready. 1. Chill out, there's no reason to be anxious. 2. Have fun, what's the point of going if you're scared? 3. Avoid being intimidated, talk to people, ask for tips. 4. Avoid wheelbite at all costs, run 3 inches of riser if you must. 5. Don't run your trucks too tight or too loose, aren't sure? Ask someone that's gone before if you are setup right. 6. Be outgoing, even though you might feel like an alien, don't. Almost everyone is welcoming to you. Friendlyness will make you friends, and riding with friends is always more fun. 7. Hold your line, don't cut anyone off, the safer you are the better. 8. Follow the rules, no one wants to get kicked out. 9. Avoid going down but be prepared, buy leathers or pads, and be ready to hug a nice fluffy bale if hay. 10. Look cool, why ride if you can't look steezy? Hope that helps you noobies out, feel free to comment or messge me any questions you have! Stay steezy, -Patrick(Agek)

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