Learn how to code with FlowPaw

There is this awesome kickstarter called FlowPaw that hopes to help people learn how to code!! What is it exactly? It's an circuit board that plugs into your computer via a USB so you can build your own gadgets. It comes with buttons, LEDs, sensors, electronic inputs, and even remote controlled servo motors to create robots. Pretty sweet! Also, it comes with it's own software that allows you to draw your programs graphically. You can also modify existing code and write your own code as you learn more and feel more comfortable. For only 85 euros (~$105.85 USD), you can get an early bird starter kit. Learn more about this project by watching the video I linked in slide 2 and checking out the Kickstarter page. It is exciting to see people work on projects like these to make coding more friendly. This product will be great for educational purposes, especially in schools. However, you don't have to be a kid to use it, you can start coding at any age!

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