DIY Marimekko Inspired Sneakers

What You'll Need: white sneakers (You can use another light color, but it might slightly change the way the colors the markers create when drawn on.) masking tape (optional) pencil fine tip Sharpies in red, black and orange (I used 2 reds, because the first on ran out, and 1 of each of the other.) 1. Prep your sneakers – Remove the shoelaces from the shoes. If you wish you can tape of the edge of the soles with masking tape to prevent getting marker on them. 2. Practice your design – The Unikko design is perfect for this project because it is very free form and the colors blur together a little around the edges. 3. Draw on the basic flower outline – Use a pencil to lightly sketch the outline of your flowers on the shoes. Then draw over the outline with the red marker. If you feel really confident you can skip the pencil and just use the maker, but remember it is permanent. 4. Color in the flowers – Draw in the black circle for the center of the flower, then an orange circle around it. The black tends to bleed a little so let it dry before you fill in the orange around it. Fill in the red petals and then the orange center. Use the point of the marker to get into all the seams and stitches of the sneaker. They will separate a little when you wear the sneakers so you want them to be colored in. Make sure to follow the pattern around the edges of the sneakers. Draw in a few stems with the black marker. These are not sneakers that are made to get wet . I tested the sharpies on a scrap piece if canvas and it didn’t run when wet, so a few drops probably won’t hurt but I wouldn’t jump in any puddles or throw these in the wash. Think of them as your special occasion tennies. I may try spraying them with some silicone waterproofer for shoes.

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