Run@Seoul Mission Trailer

Namsan Tower. Gangnam. The Royal Palace. These places are usually packed with tourists looking to experience “all” of Seoul. Due to their limited time, though, they often miss out on so many other places that are what make Seoul such a vibrant and beautiful city. Run@Seoul week is a campaign purposely created to shine a light on the unheralded beauties of Seoul. Through this campaign, you will be able to experience vicariously through the eyes of global citizens such as yourself, a Seoul unlike you have ever seen. Discover the beauty of the Han river, the delicacies of Korean street foods, the unique sound of street performers… discover ALL that is Seoul. The full campaign explained here =>

A global campaign where visitors from all over the world explore Seoul. See dynamic, lively Seoul expressed through the eyes of global citizens. *Dates: November 19~ November 23
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