Ferraro Rocher Nutella buttercream cupcake homemade ^.^

I just made these and it was Heaven,my faimily and friends loved it :3 and it is also really easy to make ^^ -Ingredients: •for the cupcakes 200 g all purpose flour 180-200 g granulated sugar 100 g cacao 100 ml buttermilk 50 ml warm water 10 g baking soda 10 g baking powder 5 g salt 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 24 Ferraro Rocher •For the Butter Cream 100 g butter (melted,room temperature) 150 g Nutella 2 teaspoon vanilla extract 50-100 g heavy cream 100 g pouderd sugar Preparation mode: *Mix all the dry ingredients (flour+sugar+cacao+baking soda and powder+salt) until they are well mixed up. Start adding the eggs while strriling add the other ingredients until they are well mixed up. Put on the bottom of your cupcake boul a little bit of mixture then put one ferrarro rocher then over it with the mixture until you use all the ferrarro rocher. It is supposed to be 24 cupcakes. Preven oven on 190 C and let it bake for 20 min. *While the Butter cream is way easier and more fun to make and it's really delicious to taste whil preparing it. Start with the butter try to mix it up to be more creamy add the nutella the sugar,heavy cream,vanilla extract and mix it up using whatever you want. Take out the cupcakes ftom the oven and put cream on it...and yeah you're done :D you can add on the top hazelnuts or nuts or chocolate chips or whatever tje fuck you like :3 Enjoy (≧∇≦)/

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