Easy 3D Window Decorations with Puffy Paint!

Window decorations seem to be a standard of the holiday season. Every late fall I can tell Christmas is near because I start seeing that frosting, window painting and wrapping on windows and doors. But why not start with Thanksgiving? Or even Movember? Okay, really this tutorial works to make any ol' day more festive. I love how simple it is and how kid-friendly. I can't wait to start making some fun Window Clings with my 3-year-old! It is also a perfect rainy or snowy-day activity for kids of all ages. Paula Molinari at club.chicacircle.com posted a couple of great tutorials for 3D Window Clings using Puffy Paint. It's very straightforward and easy to shop for. All you need is your favorite puffy paint (or "dimensional paints") and some wax paper. She points out that some other surfaces also work as a base, including a plastic bag - but I think wax paper is what I'll be using to start with. Basically, you just need to: 1. Draw or print out a pattern to trace 2. Put a piece of wax paper over the pattern 3. Trace out the pattern with your puffy paint, making sure not to make it too thin. It shrinks a bit when it dries, and you don't want it to break apart easily. 4. Let it dry overnight. 5. CAREFULLY peel it off and stick it on any window or mirror. 6. ENJOY! Paula posted several possible applications, from Christmas-themed decorations to mustaches and glasses for selfies, but I think there really are so many possible fun applications for these 3D Puffy Paint Clings. Thanksgiving and fall-themed window decorations would be great. Also, what about simple superhero masks? Or funny wigs?

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