Why The Cancellation of 'Selfie' is Tragic

Yes, I love John Cho, but no, this is not my bias talking. ABC's cancellation of 'Selfie' is a blow to forward-thinking television. Cho is the leading man on “Selfie,” which was canceled this Friday after the studio decided not to film any episodes beyond the 13 already in production. Cho is the first Asian-American leading man in a rom-sitcom. While this may not strike you as important, Asian characters are actually one of the least-represented groups in Hollywood. Asian men in particular have constantly had trouble being seen as anything except "asexual sidekicks." As Salon explains, "It matters whether or not John Cho has a romantic story line — whether or not he’s allowed to play up sexual energy in a role — because those are the roles that make long character arcs; those are the roles that create fans; those are the roles that make television stars into movie stars." Clearly fans are loving this show as seen by the fact that for a brief window after the show's most recent episode aired, searching “selfie” on Tumblr brought up posts about the show, not just users’ own selfies. From a business perspective, the cancellation makes sense: The show got off to a rocky start and Tuesday night is a difficult night for a new show to break out on ABC. It doesn't make this any less of a shame. The next episode of “Selfie” airs tomorrow night. After that, its future is cloudy; ABC has yet to announce if it will air the remaining episodes now, or hold off and burn them off in a less desirable time slot.

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